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About Diploma in Applied Siddha Sciences (DASS)

About DASS

Siddha medicine is not only about herbs that are converted to some chemical formula but it is also about understanding that the herb has energy that can restore and rejunevate complex biological system of human body, mind and spirit.
--- Sri Pranaji


SASI’s attempt is to restore the complete Siddha system by integrating the energy and herbal parts together once again. Through Diploma in Applied Siddha Sciences, we aim to create Siddha practitioners who can give not only herbal medicine, but also the energy that the herb had while it was a growing plant.

A DASS graduate will receive spiritual training to develop high sensitivity to energy, highly developed inner vision, and intuition powers which are a key factor to become a good Siddha practitioner. The DASS student will learn the complete remedial and diagnostic system of Siddha, including knowledge of human anatomy, the nervous system, and all Siddha practices. With all their abilities and knowledge, graduates will be able to prescribe the perfect herbal formulation for the patient. Patients diagnosed by a DASS holder will use as their course of treatment both herbal medicine and practices to increase and maintain vitality.

Our mission is not only in making a practitioner who only focuses on herbal part but also in making a complete spiritualist that a true Siddha should be. This concept is now lacking in Ayurveda or other system. They have become just a method than a complete remedial system.

DASS is a 3 year diploma course in which theory part will be delivered online and practical part will be delivered through direct workshops. This way of training is set to help students from any part of the world.

Life long support

Your practice with Applied Siddha Sciences will be fully backed with continuous research by SASI on herbal and formulation of natural medicine which that can be used by practitioners. We don’t want to be like a formal college that produces graduate but a family that is based on love and commitment to seva (service) in line with Sat Guru of Pranashakty, Swami Ramalingam and all the 18 Siddhars.

Also, SASI will provide the herbs that are needed for your practice or will help you to get good quality herbs from the market.

Siddha Vaidyam - a system perfected through centuries long research

Siddha sciences originated from the knowledge of enlightened Masters who knew everything about energy and herbs. This system had given equal importance for cosmic energy and herb and integrated both to form an amazing system called Siddha. They taught the world that our body is not only a mineral made structure but there is energy in it that gives us life and vitality. Siddha Medicines use not only herbs but minerals also. This system even teaches the way to convert poison to medicine. Siddha system has such a wast knowledge that can help the humanity in every aspects of life. But nowadays this practice has reduced only to herbal system due to the intervention of time, society and politics. Herbal part of Siddha itself is great and is giving results that no other remedial system is able to produce but that energy related knowledge is essential for giving a completely transformative treatment.

Besides the philosophical and spiritual texts the siddhars' manuscripts contain also essays on biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry or astronomy. The complex knowledge of these subjects is the result of the integration of spiritual and scientific approach to the cognition of the world and the human being.

Through the systematic observation and the study of the nature siddhars have also developed the compact system of the medicine. The records of this system which is written on the palm leaves date to the pre-vedic period, it means before 1200 B.C. It is obvious from the siddhars' manuscripts that their medicine system pays attention to both body and mind.

Siddhar Thirumoolar have defined the siddha medicine by these words:
Medicine is that which treats the disorders of the physical body;
Medicine is that which treats the disorders of the mind;
Medicine is that which prevents illness;
Medicine is that which enables immortality.