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Energetic Amritham Therapy

The Energetic Amritham Therapy (EAT)

There are many secret chakras, nadis and energy centers in the body. We all know that whatever is in “andam” (macro cosmos) also available in “Pindam” (micro cosmos). So all the secret at outside is available right at our body. So the knowledge of cosmic now brought to the body. In 2009 SASI started the basic kayakalpa energy programmed with ayaam energy as an activation given through Inner Power module. This energy was thoroughly studied and practiced by many students. It was found to be able to create a strong body, skin and muscle. Even sharp blades were not able to penetrate the skin. This secret knowledge on aayam was given to us by siddha’s and sufi masters. Now in 2011, entire system of the Amirtham/Nectar was revealed and finally we are putting it together in a module call EAT (Energetic Amirtham Therapy). This module is a systematic approach in creating, a strong immune system, and a body that is able to withstand changes to environment and off course also a body that will naturally protect from any physical or metaphysical attack. This is not a theoretical science but can be proven practically.

Benefits of EAT

EAT and its therapeutic benefits spans a large repertoire of diseases of both body and mind. However many claims cannot be made here, adhering to legal requirements of various countries.Some of the benefits are listed below,

  • Complete rejuvenation of the 72,000 nadis in the body.
  • Purification and strengthening of the seven major chakras and minor chakras
  • Purification, optmisation and strengthening of the 10 vital prana’s
  • Improved vitality
  • Slowing down/ stopping of ageing process
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Restoration of youth
  • Powerful and dynamic aura that can protect, heal and attract all goodness
  • Optimally functioning physiological systems
  • Complete protection from physical attack or metaphysical attack
  • A very healthy and youthful golden glow to the skin
  • Stronger muscular and Immune system
  • A rejuvenated and perfectly functioning central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Increased resistance to toxic substances, be it environmental, chemical or biological.
  • Increased resistance to harmful radiation

EAT is comprised of the following processes,

  1. Activation of Prana energy by opening the chakra and nadis
  2. Activation of secret chakras in sole of feet
  3. Varmam therapy to remove blocks and purify the body
  4. Administration of herbal supplements to induce kayakalpa process
  5. Activating sulimunai and cleansing the spine using prana
  6. Activating a secret chakra in heart
  7. Activating finally the Amritham energy at center of head. This would be the final activation that prepares the body for ultimate nectar energy. At this point, the skin, body and aura will be glow with golden and jothi energy.
Before activation, the step 3 will prepare the body to flow the energy without any blocks. Step 4 will make sure that the energy from the nectar is not wasted for cleansing the body but to keep the body healthy. The student of DASS will be given full knowledge of this secret process and will able to do all the processes from 1-5. Further to this, special energy trainings will be given throughout the course and will be completed at final practical in year 3 where student will spend time with master learning directly the art.

The activation process in the system

The activation is done on special charkas that only few in the world know. Even the most advance master in martial art do know about this, spare the few that follow the Sufi or Siddha tradition. Some major and minor charkas are involved in this process. Starting from, the sole of feet, Swadisthana, Solar plexus, Heart and ajna forms the main channels of inner power or prana. This activation will bring huge amount of energy and also causes physical transformation. For e.g., just activating the charka in sole of feet, one will acquire instant power of skin and flesh protection from damages caused by metal objects and it can be proven immediately with a simple test. There are 3 chakras located in physical body or etheric body. These chakras or energy container has 3 elements of energy call the iron element. These elements are so powerful that they are useful for health as well as protection. At advance level this charka will lead to highest spiritual realization if combined with spiritual practice. There is very specific method use to awaken these chakras by a Master who has achieved the complete opening of the said 3 chakra plus another 14 chakra successfully. Below are the descriptions of the chakras you will be taught to activate and the benefits to the person who receives the activation.

Iron element

It is located at the insole of the right feet. Once this chakra is activated, the energy will flow to solar plexus and gets accumulated there. This accumulated energy forms an infinite source and will never deplete as long we are living and breathing. Activating this energy will bring about the following benefits and abilities.

  • The iron element will create a force shield around your body in form of golden yellow energy. This will provide a complete protection from physical attack or metaphysical attack, be it spirit, charm, or black magic. It will give protection 24 hours a day either you are conscious or unconscious.
  • It will also make all the muscles to become strong and the immune system to improve tremendously.
  • The central nervous system will be rejuvenated and will start to function properly, making the entire nervous system healthy.
  • This energy will also protect the body from any sharp object like knife when faced with a critical situation. This protective ability will grow within 44 day of the activation and practice of the special breathing. At point of activation, we will be able to demonstrate the protective shield using sharp pin.
  • All poison will be neutralized with iron energy and in some extreme level, the poison will prevented from entering the activated person’s body mystically.
  • The skin will change and aging process will slowdown. The activated person may be able to notice youthful glow on their face and ladies may observe that their breasts becoming firmer. There is a noticeable glow on the skin after 44days meditation.

The Iron element of Chandra

This chakra is located at the insole of left feet. Once it is activated, the energy will flow to solar plexus and ajna and accumulate there. This energy of Chandra or iron of moon has special powers that enhance the iron element and make it more powerful and increase the availability of inner and outer protection. Some of the benefits are,
  • It will increase all the benefit and ability as mentioned in the opening of iron element of the right foot.
  • It creates a powerful charismatic energy, attractive power and healing power. Your body will glow with special aura that make your sales, business deal or influence people easily.
  • You will be known as a walking “angel”

The Chakra of ”Amritham"

This chakra is named as the ‘King chakra for health’, because there could not be better name for it. It is located behind the ajna at the center of the head, just above the pineal gland. This is the most powerful chakra in the series of the kayakalpa activation. This charka is called the “king” because it controls all other two. The energy of this chakra is able to bring a total 360 degree changes to your inner power and etheric system. Once activated, many changes will happen to you energetically and physically. This charka makes the other 2 chakra in the insole become hyperactive. It will store the energy in ajna and also heart charka. Some of the benefits of the opening the Chakra of Amritham are,
  • All the above mentioned benefit and ability will increase 100%.
  • The immune system becomes 100% functional and prevents you from getting disease. You will become a youthful and energetic person.
  • The activated person shall acquire a special radar that will indicate to him/her all incoming danger and also prevent him/ her from going to the places of danger. It works either by skin response or intuition.
  • The activated person can penetrate other shamans or black magic power easily; these evil beings will be scared of you and no entity like demon or “bad” spirit shall ever come near you.
  • Osteoporosis will be cured also some major skin disease will be cured.
  • The activated person can do healing and heal all cases be it medical or non medical.
  • The activated persons libido energy will increase

Varmam Therapy to remove blocks

Varmam are vital points in the body that act as energy transformers or batteries. They forms centers for boosting the vital prana flow through the intricate nadi system of the body. Nature by its design has protected these vital centers by placing them deep inside the body or by covering them with tissues inaccessible to normal attempts of breach. The presence, location and action are totally unknown to the modern medicine. Today scientific evidence is growing on the presence of sub microscopic energy channels in the body, nadi’s, as described by the Siddhars, yet science is too young to comprehend the intricate nadi system that governs the non-physical system of energy flow, the foundation of vital pranic forces. The Siddhars long ago had discovered the presence of 72,000 nadis in the body and has described in detail the action and location of each of them. They have also described the location of 108 varmam or vital points that could heal or harm the human body when properly manipulated, through touch, pressure or striking, by an expert. Varmam therapy is a holistic therapy on its own and tackles the body, mind and spirit. A varmam expert understands the underlying links between the body, prana and the mind. Varmams have been classified based on the type of pressure needed to injure (a) Paduvarmam (varmam due to injury), (b) Thodu varmam (by touch); Thattu varmam (by blows), Thaduvu varmam (by massage); Nakku varmam (by licking); and Nokku (by staring). The widely used and recognized ones are the 12 Paduvarmam’s and 96 Thoduvarmam’s as you would guess, there is less consistency with the other categories simply because of the way of application or the deeper knowledge needed to apply them. In these categories the Nokku varmam is the most awe generating and is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct.
This Siddha massage or thadavu murai has been known for application of varma points to achieve cure. Varma or pranic points in the body are centers that control, regulate and maintain pranic flow and thus vital force distribution all over the body. In other words these varma points act as pranic batteries that act as intermittent boosters to enable effective conduction of vital forces throughout the body. Any impact to this varma points due to accidents or in combat will disrupt the flow of vital force. Depending on the location and activities controlled, the severity of the outcome of an impact will be anywhere between lethal to chronic damaging effects arising after several years. Siddha massage was born by the marriage of martial arts to Siddha Medicine. The art of varma kalai has been war tested and proven even before the advent of modern medicine. This system of curative massage will be taught to students during the EAT module. This will enable the students to apply different thadavu murai to cleanse and purify the nadi’s and physical body of the client.
The Thadavu murai taught in DASS includes (1) The Podi Theppu Murai (PTM), the Tailam Theppu Murai (TTM) with practical sessions in assessment of the various oils and powders applicable to the client. This process of selection is done by the students based on the training they receive on,
  1. Siddha diagnosis
  2. Pulse diagnosis, Tridoshas and Bootha Nadi
  3. Shara Nool
Apart from the theppu murai’s taught the students will also be trained on ‘Mukki Pilichil Murai (MPM)’ and Mooligai/ Maruthuva Kili Seythal (MKS) applications. The students will be trained on the process of purgation and purification of the client to augment the outcomes of the EAT regime.

Herbal Kayakalpa Therapy

This unit in the EAT module will train the students in the application of various kayakalpa herbs advised by Siddhars in cleansing and purifying the body. The aim of this step is to ensure that the body is ready to absorb the Amritham energy for rejuvenation rather than detoxification. The internal kayakalpa herbs application will commence along with varmam therapy and may include some varmam specific internal herbs depending on a case by case manner. Herbs are administered internally for the following process,
  1. Vazhalal Kazhatral (removal of mucous secretions): Students will be taught the process of removing accumulated mucous from the body using various techniques. This process forms the preliminary client preparation techniques taught in EAT.
  2. Malam Kazhatral (cleaning of the bowels): Students will be taught the herbs involved in elimination of stagnant and toxic fecal matter from the body. This process forms the preliminary client preparation techniques taught in EAT.
  3. Karpam: After completion of the preliminary preparations certain kayakalp herbal formulations are administered to cleanse and tone the body. The students will be taught the herbs involved and their preparation and administration techniques.
  4. Medicated oil bath: Students will be taught in the preparation and application of medicated oil bath to enable proper elimination and purification of body from toxins excreted through the skin during the EAT process.

The Interim Certification Program (ICP) will help you in following ways:

  1. You will become a Siddha Therapist and can start your own practice in your country.
  2. This will help you in gaining hands on experience in Siddha diagnosis, treatment and rejuvenation therapies.
  3. Packages included in this training are available only through SASI's DASS modules and this will make your practice unique from thus gain a lot of popularity.
  4. It will give you opportunities to cover your course fee through some earning and also it gives you more leverage of understanding and gaining knowledge in practical aspects to complete the remaining DASS program.

Modules covered in this ICP:

  1. Energetic Amritham Therapy (EAT): This module is the latest revelation given to SASI by the cosmic on the way to activate Amirtham suroope (Nectar fountain) energetically in the center of head. All DASS students will be given this training in EAT and thus you will learn the methodology that was kept as secret in Kayakalpa tradition of Siddha. This is a gift for mankind by the cosmic and SASI is happy to introduce it to the world for the first time through you. Mode details regarding this training will be sent in a few days.
  2. Training on Siddha diagnosis: This is the first part of the DASS practical diagnosis training. Remaining part of the training will be given on the 3rd year practical training of DASS course
  3. Practical training on herbal formulation: This is the first part of the DASS practical herbal formulation training. Remaining part of the training will be given on the 3rd year practical training of DASS course
  4. Supporting trainings for the modules mentioned above.

Important points:

  1. Course fee: The ICP course fee is already covered in the total course fee.
  2. Accommodation and food fee apply. We will get the most affordable place for training
  3. All course material are given free of cost
  4. Student should register on or before 15th September 2011 with proof of travel ticket

        Please note that accommodation cost per head for EAT training is $38 USD per day, that includes:
  1. Twin sharing accommodation
  2. Breakfast and Lunch
It does not include Dinner.

Total cost of accommodation for 14 days is $532 USD. Cost for is not included in the DASS course fee. Kindly make this payment on or before 31st June 2011. As November is peak timef or tourism in Malaysia, we need to complete the arrangements before the rates go higer. We expect your kind cooperation in arranging good and affordable facilities for you.

The venue is located in a beach side tourist location and is the most suitable place for our program.

You are eligible for ICP if the following criteria’s are satisfied:

  1. You have joined the DASS course on or before 30 April 2011
  2. Must complete the first 2 modules of DASS
  3. Must complete the theoretical diagnosis paper
  4. Must complete the herbal level one paper
  5. Must have taken the prana activation
  6. Must have done the full DASS fee payment year 2

Is ICP a mandatory training?

No. ICP is an optional training that will enable you to start your practice early. This will help you in gaining more hands on experience and insight into the practical aspects of Siddha. Hands on practice is the most important factor in Siddha training. through ICP, you will also be able to earn money while you learn DASS. Through ICP, you will get a chance to build an established therapy center by the time you finish your DASS course.

When will SASI train me on these therapies if I don't take ICP?

If you don't take ICP, we will train you on these modules during your final year practical training. But we strongly recommend ICP because you will get a chance to do your therapy for one and a half years and gain more insight in to the concepts that you will learn during the next part of the training. You will also be able to reduce your travel duration for final year training because you can skip these portions at that time.