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Diploma in Siddha Varma Kalai

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There is increasing recognition that health crisis affect people differently and that there is a need to ensure that the unique health needs of all individuals are met. This is because every individual is different. The Siddha System of Medicine treats every human being as unique, and advocates personalized medicine. Most medical systems have often neglected to see and address these differences, and by doing so, neglect to meet the needs of a society that has become largely unhealthy. Increasing health-care costs are a huge burden for both the governments, and the individual.

Varma Kalai is low-cost solution for many diseases mankind is facing in the modern age. Additionally, by failing to address these many ailments at the root cause of disease, and by resorting to a purely symptomatic modern medicinal cure, we risk inadvertently making the condition of the disease much worse. Adopting a problem-sensitive approach to human disease is essential to ensuring that we have a healthier future. Varma Kalai, a speciality of Siddha medicine, offers much as a first line of treatment for many health problems, saving hard-earned money, utilizing fewer internal medicines, requiring little, if any, hospitalization time and above all else, resulting in zero side effects.

This new online course introduces, for the first time, a systematic approach to Varmam. The course identifies key Varmam points which address major disease in humanity. The hands-on training will familiarize participants with key techniques applied in Varmam to provide relief and reset imbalances, and with simple internal medicinal preparations that are employed by the traditional masters of Varmam to compliment external therapy. It also allows participants to take a close look at diagnostic methods used in Varmam. Participants will be introduced to the flow of amritham (life force/milk of love) in the human body, and its applications in treatment.

This certification course involves online reading, discussion, assignments and quizzes, and is offered over a 6-month period. At the end of the course, every participant must undergo a 10-day intensive hands-on training programme. The course is based on a participatory, active learning approach, with an emphasis on critical reflection. Participants will read the required course materials, prepare interim and final assignments and participate in group discussions. Case studies will be used to enable interactive learning and activities
Who should apply

The course is intended for all genuinely interested persons including massage therapists, spa therapists, sports trainers, martial artists, physiotherapists, Siddha physicians, social workers, public health workers and humanitarian volunteers interested in providing cost effective primary health support. Participants should have a good command of English -- the working language of the course -- and should have a minimum basic knowledge of computer and Internet use. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.
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